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Contractually, Alan Spencer exerted creative control over the video releases… personally selecting the episodes and demanding the offending laugh track be removed.

In addition, Spencer restored a censored and never broadcast interrogation scene to the pilot… formally christening this maiden episode: “Under The Gun.”

“Sledge Hammer” apparently sold well enough to prompt New World Video to plan to distribute the entire run of the show.

This notion was scuttled when New World folded, mostly due to releasing some of the worst movies not directed by the late Ed Wood.

Spencer claimed he first suspected New World was in financial trouble when the company’s incoming phone lines were all changed to 976 numbers.

“Sledge” was gone, but not forgotten.

Transformer Comic With SledgeHammer
References in the media abounded into the nineties, such as a “Transformer” comic book wherein a certain sunglass-wearing detective makes a cameo appearance. (Thanks to Christo for these images.)









SledgeHammer Comics

On the subject of comic books, two issues of “Sledge Hammer!” put out by Marvel are considered prized collectibles… along with promotional buttons, windshield visors and foam rubber “sledgehammers” that are 100% concussion free.



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Well, Miss, I was in this store when two thugs entered and threatened the owner with shotguns. At that time I drew my magnum and killed them both. Then I bought some eggs, some milk, and some of those little cocktail weenies.