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The catch phrase “Trust Me, I Know What I’m Doing” is still used today. Sometimes editorial writers employ it when criticizing gung ho world leaders who love to rush into conflict.

Jesus JonesThe band “Jesus Jones” recorded a track entitled “Trust Me” on their CD "Doubt." The song featured an actual sample of Sledge’s signature line repeated throughout.

Invariably, David Rasche’s subsequent roles have led to periodic mentions of the series… such as when he joined the cast of the situation comedy “Nurses” and NBC prominently displayed “Sledge Hammer!” beneath his name in advertisements.

Years later, when Rasche appeared on the sitcom “DAG” playing a “Clinton-esque” President of the United States, comedian David Allen Grier, as a Secret Service agent, referred to this fictitious Commander In Chief with the code name “Hammer.”

It was Grier’s kind way of paying tribute to the show.

Recently, in a review of the feature film “Just Married,” Spliced Wire referred to David Rasche as the star of “the brilliant series ‘Sledge Hammer!’”

This qualifies Spliced Wire as perhaps the greatest publication since the Bible.

Doreau on the FloorActress Anne-Marie Martin also kept the artist formerly known as Doreau in the public eye.

“Sledge Hammer!” was listed as Ms. Martin’s most famous acting credit in conjunction with publicity for the movie “Twister,” which she co-wrote with her husband at the time: Michael Crichton.

In another incident, the producers of a “Jackass” style reality show on VH1 calling itself “Sledgehammer” learned the hard way that people hadn’t forgotten the name of an earlier series.

Entertainment WeeklyThe cable channel’s switchboards received disgruntled calls from viewers who thought repeats of “Sledge” were about to be shown… giving “Entertainment Weekly” the rare opportunity to both praise and condemn two different series in the same review.

In 1992, New Line Cinema discussed turning “Sledge Hammer!” into a feature film with its creator, Alan Spencer.

During the course of these talks, it became clear the executives felt little allegiance to the original show… desiring a concept that would instead parody the “buddy cop” genre with all new characters.

After making sure his parking was validated, Spencer passed.

The following year saw a mild resurgence of “Sledge Hammer!” on video.

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